Ambitious, woman on a mission...


And you were born a STAR.

You know you are powerful, purposeful and ready to serve at your next level.

You have already done incredible work, but you are looking for an infusion of refinement, simplicity and ease in scaling to the next level in your coaching business.

Your vision is clear~

You desire to design your online empire.

You desire your brand to be known as leading expert in your industry. 

Your vision is to scale with a powerful and simple organic strategy, backed up by the energetics and magnetism of embodying your most epic feminine queen self.

And you want to make it simple on yourself.

You are ready for a guide to walk with you to your next level. 

For Free Masterclasses, Live Videos, and Content on Scaling and growing your Coaching Business with Simple Strategy and Feminine Energetics



Signature Soul Brand

A step program for creating more freedom and impact, by launching your visible and recognizable online business that’s based on your signature energy.


Sensual Success Strategy 

A program for revolutionizing your Mindset and strategy to embody the new feminine paradigm in business.


Heart Official Intelligence

Activating our feminine genius is about learning to be the master of your emotions, and leading yourself from the inside out.


At Femme Genius, we have a unique balance of the Strategy with grounded steps in growing and scaling your online business...combined with the feminine energetics, embodiment and mindset.

I work primarily with visionary, transformational, and personal development coaches who specialize in conscious business design, healing arts, energy work, sacred embodiment, and those who desire to make a big contribution on the planet with their time. 

At Femme Genius, we stand for female entrepreneurs rising as leaders on the planet, and doing so without diminishing their feminine power, sensuality, and style.  

Over the years, I have recognized the three primary drivers for women...


I believe that it not only possible, but inevitable that when tapping into your feminine genius to create a business you love, you will receive each of these with ease. 



















I am the founder of The Femme Genius Academy!


I am so proud to say I have helped women all over the globe create success in their online coaching businesses while staying connected to their genius.


I started my first business when I was 8 years old. I would hold auditions and cast kids from my block to be part of a play I had written. Over weeks, we would rehearse, leading up to a full costumed production on the front porch of my parents house. Charging a penny for viewing.


Fast forward 20 some years... a spiritual awakening, an adventure across the world, and many entrepreneurial ventures later, I began as a life coach, and transitioned to business coaching.

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