Welcome Beautiful,

To the Femme Genius Mastermind for Quantum Acceleration, Alignment and Strategy within your Signature Soul Business. 

Femme Genius Biz Academy is designed for the spirited, purpose driven entrepreneurial coach and visionary feminine genius who knows she is here to create a bigger contribution and positive impact with her time here on this planet.

You have always felt like you came here for a purpose...

This is your time SiStar,

This is your time to claim your sacred purpose

and to rise into creating next level



and Income. 

And doing it from a place of Divine Desire, Sacred Strategy, and Magnetic Magic. 

Because your Soul is PURE MAGIC! 

And I am here to help you quantum leap into the next level of your potential.

I call that potential within you, your genius.

And when you scale your business from your feminine genius, your personal magnetism, and strategies for alignment...

Your success becomes inevitable. 

But SiStar,

I also know you are a DREAMER!


I imagine, if you have found yourself here...you are not here to play it small.

If you have found my work, I imagine you are a multidimensional woman with A LOT of gifts, talents and ways of showing up in the world.

And here is the thing...

You have had success in your business.

But there is still a part of your wanting to play in a bigger realm of potential. 

You ask...

Where can I go from here.

The dream is expanding, your brand is expanding, your success is expanding...

And you desire a woman, to hold you in this quantum expansion. 

And you are ready NOW. 

You are not afraid of next level success...

You are ready for MORE!! 

You are ready to create a Masterpiece.

And you are ready to RECEIVE!! 

I would like to welcome you to explore the possibility of us playing together in this realm of mission and magic. 

Where you will be supported to illuminate your genius, and step into the next level of what calls you forth at this time. 

Get ready to...

  • Launch you Signature Business based on your energy and message!

  • Say YES to next level visibility and reprogram any limiting beliefs or fears around getting visible.

  • Accelerate your income doing what you love! 

  • Align with next level success strategy and do it in feminine energy.

  • Launch your Facebook Group and attract your Soul Tribe! 

  • Grow your mailing list and your online platform!

  • Magnetize your Soul Mate Clients and get crystal clarity on who you are here to work with.

  • Learn the art of Heart Marketing and Feminine Sales! 

  • Learn to make money from the bath!

  • Play in your zone of genius to create next level content

  • Design your first online marketable program!

Included in The Femme Genius Mastermind:


✨An initial 60-minute call with Carla to outline your biz blueprint!

✨ Access to The Private Mastermind FB Group!

✨ Weekly Mastermind Laser Coaching & Sisterhood Group Calls


✨Once-a-month 1:1 30-minute private coaching calls with Carla!

✨Once-a-month 1:1 30-minute private Accountability calls with a Femme Genius Team Member!


✨ PLUS You have access to all of my programs: 

Heart Official Intelligence

Immediate access into this transformational program with practical tools and techniques for mastering your energy and emotions. 


Sensual Success Strategy

A MasterClass Program for Feminine Souls feeling called to courageously embody the new feminine paradigm in their business.
This program focuses on becoming a clear channel for creativity, inspiration, wealth, and sensuality to illuminate your path towards creating and designing your life as a Feminine Genius.

Signature Soul Brand

A step by step process for creating more freedom and impact, by launching your visible and recognizable online business that’s based on your signature energy!

Course Creatrix

Get clear and develop an online program that sells! Tap into your genius, create the structure and strategy for launching and sell out your programs! 

LIVE on Purpose

Build your audience through a FB Live connection strategy!


This is for you if...

  •  This is for coaches, entrepreneurs, space holders, and healers who are ready to create their Signature Business in ease, pleasure and fun!

  • This is for the being who deeply desires to create a massively beautiful impact on this planet!

  • For those ready to activate their genius and truly step into their powerful role of conscious leadership.

  • You have tapped into your genius, you hold powerful space for others, and you are ready to transition your energy into the online space so that you can be of greater service, feel fully utilized in your souls gifts, and express in the fullness of your signature genius.

  • You feel ready to bring all of your gifts into one profitable platform

  • You feel like you have many gifts, talents and ideas, but are not sure of the steps as to how to create cohesive clarity in designing your business.

  • You no longer desire to be "Niched" into a category that feels limiting. You desire to create a brand based on your energy and your evolutionary growth. 

Hello Beautiful!

I'm Carla!

Your guide and mentor on this journey through Femme Genius Biz Academy! 

I am the founder of "Femme Genius" that empowers women to create success, abundance and a business they are head over heals in love with!

I am obsessed with helping ambitious, purpose driven women create next level success through their signature soul businesses!! 

I will help you step by step through a process of creating impact, income and inspiration through your online brand and business!

Your business is an extension of your soul.

You feel your limitless potential.

You feel the potential for this world to fully thrive.

And you are ready to step into the light of being a way-shower, and activate yourself as an energetic acupuncture point in the grid so that you can play your role in this shift towards a conscious, meaningful and connected existence. 

You have wanted to build your online brand before...

But with so much information out there, you feel overwhelmed in all the different strategies!! 

I am here to make it so simple & easy!!

To help guide you to infuse your business with your essence.

 This container has been intentionally designed to be a space where you can fully step into your gifts as a sovereign creator.

Find your message and deliver it with a powerful and conscious voice.

 I will help guide you to finding your own unique and authentic way of showing up in the world, with the tools you need to leave a beautiful ripple of impact in your wake. 


This is an Exclusive Group that re-opens every three months! 
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