Show up in your Zone of Genius, and let us take care of the rest!

We provide exquisite support to our customers and clients through the entire process of helping you

Design and refine your online brand.

Develop your client attracting landing pages.

Craft your highly refined marketing funnel.

How can a highly defined and refined brand help to differentiate and propel my business forward? 

We believe at Femme Genius that the most alluring brands are driven by a blend of artfulness and strategy.

Aesthetics and Intention weave to create the compelling vision of that brand's experience.

With our design team of creators, innovators and makers~ we combine these diverse skills to allow you to stand out and shine.

We believe that consistency creates Visibility, Recognizability, and Reliability in Brand Awareness~ and we committed to providing you the edge you need to succeed.

Why we stand out as the go to Branding, Marketing, & Launch Strategy Agency for Female Entrepreneurs

We are female entrepreneurs! 

We are a 100% female owned, operated and ran agency. We understand the feminine heart and the heart of boss women around the globe. 

We have made it our mission to understand multi-talented female coaches, healers, artists, and creators on a mission to change lives. 

And beyond that, you are coached every step along the way through a high touch point with Signature Soul Biz coach, Carla Elizabeth Samson. 

You receive so much more than just a beautifully designed website, an elegantly refined brand, and masterfully replicatable launch strategy...

You also have the eyes, mind, and heart of of our team to guide you through each step along the way. 

Your satisfaction is our satisfaction! 


What you receive:


The Programs

"Signature Soul Brand"
"Course Creatrix"

These two courses are the step by step processes for designing and refining your brand, as well as our highly converting launch strategy through social media. 

The Checklist 

You will receive a checklist of everything we need from you, step by step. This makes the process easy and digestable.

The WhatsApp Group

You are given access to a private WhatsApp group with the Femme Genius team where you will be supported with any questions you may have along the way. Office hours for this are Monday-Thursday with an (at the most) 24 hour response time. 

The First Client Call

We define your brand and branding and go over the steps you need to take on your end to begin crafting and creating your webpage.

As you send us the content for your website, We begin designing and building out the portal!

The Second Client Call 

This is where we walk through the first draft of everything we have implemented.

Throughout the process, we send you sneak peaks to be sure we are getting everything to your standard of excellence. 

The whole journey is an intimate process of working together to be sure you are satisfied with our delivery. This second call is to present the first draft. 


The Third Client Call 

This is where we walk you though your launch! We will have all the pieces ready for you to hit the ground running, and then we coach you through a phenomenal launch!

This is also the call where we can show you how you are able to update information if you wish to be able to continue to update your website etc. on your own going forward without our continued support. 


The Programs Include...

Signature Soul Brand

This is a step by step process for creating more freedom and impact, by launching your visible and recognizable online business that’s based on your signature energy.

Click HERE for more details! 

Course Creatrix

This program is dedicated to marketing your online courses with a next level launch strategy that generated a 120k launch for Femme Genius!

Click HERE for more details! 


This is for you if...

    • You are a coach, space holder or visionary entrepreneur who wants to outsource her backend web design and strategy work to a trusted team that offers excellent support the entire way through. 

    • You understand that leveraging your time is essential, and you are ready to do the work necessary, and then lean back and be supported with the tech and branding.

Our Femme Genius Team!

Hello Beautiful!

I'm Carla!

Your head designer, systems strategist and coach through this journey. 

I am the founder of the online brand Femme Genius! 

We empower women to create success, abundance and a personal brand they are head over heals in love with!

I am obsessed with helping ambitious, purpose driven women create next level success through creating their Femmepires!

I am committed to seeing you thrive in the zone of your genius! 

AND I am so excited to go on this journey with you!


Kelsey Rae is our systems organizer.

She is a spreadsheet queen and will help you on your journey of organizing your content for your landing pages and being sure we have everything we need from you! 

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